Spring into action

Spring into action

Spring is weeks away, call us and pre-pay!

With spring right around the corner, the time to call Mosquito Joe and save on your 2019 season is now! Did you know that temperatures only need to reach and stay above 50 degrees for mosquitoes, ticks and fleas to become active? We wouldn’t want you to waste any of your time worrying about pesky mosquitoes when you could be enjoying time with your family in an itch-free yard! In addition to kids, we know you’d like to keep your beloved four-legged friends from scratching from ticks and fleas. No need to set a reminder for yourself to call us in the spring; you can sign up now, save money and cross an item off your to-do list! Call us today to pre-pay and save!

What are the benefits of pre-paying for an entire season?

  • Save 10% on mosquito, tick and flea control so your family and fury friends can spend the summer itch-free.
  • We know you’re busy getting your kids to soccer practice or cooking dinner for your family so we don’t want you to worry about ongoing pest control payments. By pre-paying, you can avoid any added stress of remembering to make payments.
  • Want to be the most popular house on the block and somewhere your neighbors feel good about sending their kids over to play on a warm summer day? Call us, we’ll send the mosquitoes packing.
  • With our satisfaction guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose – except mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, of course! And we doubt you’ll miss those.

Our Treatments Options

Our barrier treatment provides an ideal environment for outdoor activity. We inspect your property for active larvae populations and treat them accordingly. Your highly trained technician will help you identify potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard and recommend ways to eliminate standing water. Every 21 days, our team will return to treat your yard to ensure that the barrier we create stays strong and so that new mosquitoes don’t start breeding. Your yard is ready for action within 30 minutes of treatment!

More of an all-natural type? That’s ok! We have all-natural treatment options as an alternative to our longer-lasting synthetic treatment. Also administered through a barrier spray program, our all-natural solution repels mosquitoes immediately, but has less adhesive properties than our synthetic spray. Because of this, the all-natural solution will act as a repellent to deter new mosquitoes for a shorter time period and requires spraying on a 14-day cycle to ensure protection.


Share the MoJo

If you’re a returning customer who is happy with our service, refer a friend and get a $25 credit! You can refer up to 20 friends a year, which could result in $500 worth of account credits. Did we mention your friends also get $25 off their first treatment?! It’s a win-win, so what’re you waiting for? Friends don’t let friends get eaten.

We’re dedicated to making outside fun again and can’t wait to gift your family with an itch-free yard. Spring into action and pre-pay now for the 2019 season! Call Mosquito Joe of East Cincinnati at 513-813-1510 to get started!